Dear Member-Owners,

We are so excited that the day has finally come to transition to a community owned co-op! We’ve been working towards this goal for over three years and November 1, 2015 it will come to fruition. Congratulations, you now own a working thriving business!

But with great power comes great responsibility. We need you all to find a way to participate in making Know Thy Food Cooperative into a large, financially stable business so we can continue to bring the highest quality foods straight from the farm to our community and into our homes. So rummage through your closet and pull out your superhero capes!

Here is one easy way you can contribute: encourage friends to come TOMORROW MORNING, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28 from 9 am-12 pm to Know Thy Food. We’re hosting an exciting Friends & Family referral event with Azure Standard. As you all know, Azure Standard is one of our amazing local farms and bulk buying sources for a plethora of organic and natural foods and goods that we love to support.

Tomorrow, at this exclusive event, there will be all sorts of incentives to join both Know Thy Food and Azure Standard! Joining Azure is free, and you will receive a $10 credit for every friend who signs up, as will your friends! That is FREE food for your family!

Know Thy Food will also give a $10 credit good toward your next ordering cycle for every friend you bring who signs up. Your friend will get free coffee or tea, and if they pay in full, a free insulated KTF branded Kleen Kanteen (limited supplies, so only available to the first 25 people to join)! We could also use 1-2 more people to answer questions and help people sign up. Do you have an hour to come help? Email!

In the next two months KTF will continue to offer $10 to each Member-Owner who refers a friend who joins KTF as a Member-Owner. Our goal is to have at least 50 new owners in the next few days/weeks because the Board has decided to purchase a brand new online ordering platform to make all of our lives easier! The new ordering software will have an online checkout process, automatic confirmations and reminders, a search function, and many other features that will improve KTF! We are very excited about this prospect, and are also graciously accepting donations to our new IT fund. If you would like to simply donate to the new ordering system, you can send funds by PayPal to (make a note in the memo section that this is for the IT Fund) and to read more about the software we want, please go to Local Food Marketplace.

One of our long term goals is to have our Member-Owners volunteer on a regular basis. This allows you to truly be involved in YOUR (our) business so you can give us feedback as to what we could change or improve! There are so many ways to volunteer – stocking the market, helping with special buys or sorting the regular ordering cycle, making calls to club owners who haven’t yet transitioned to Member-Ownership, dropping off flyers to naturopathic offices and colleges to let them know what delicious and healthy food KTF has to offer, joining the Board of Directors or a committee, and more! We will have sign up sheets at the co-op so you can tell us what your availability and skill set is. Members will get a 10% discount at the cafe and market on volunteer days as an extra incentive! Email for more information!

Thank you to our masked (and unmasked) crusaders who continue to protect and serve the community’s most valued resource – Know Thy Food.

With love and health,

Your Board


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