Date: Wednesday, October 28th 2015

Time: 6:30-9:00 PM

Location: Know Thy Food Cooperative


Present: Jocelyn Mueller (President)

Rebecca Andersson

Amy Heck

Natalie Bennon

Brooke Klein

Jenna VanLooven


Sarah Gilbert (guest at the time of this meeting)


  1. Jocelyn Mueller called to order at 6:35 PM
  2. Quorum: 6 of 7 members present
  3. Committee reports
    1. Finance
      1. Review of finances by Sarah: we are confident in our operating finances to move forward with making purchase decisions about POS and online operating software, as well as a computer that runs Windows if necessary
      2. Outstanding items
        1. Need weekly ordering budgets for staff
        2. Need weekly cash flow statements and projections
    2. Governance
      1. Decision has been made on management structure
        1. Board will function as GM for now
        2. GM position will be filled in January
        3. Each of three departments will also have a department manager
      2. Goal for now is stability in operations, with changes planned for January.
      3. We will ask current department managers to keep track of daily finances for now, and to also compile ideas for future improvements that they will later present to the board for consideration
    3. Marketing
      1. Open house event with Azure Standard was successful, and 14 new member-owners were signed up
      2. We are confident that the goal of signing up 50 new member-owners by January will be achievable
      3. Ideas for future marketing:
        1. canvass farmers markets as they begin to close up for the year
        2. consider working with ProFarm at the farmer’s market for next season, they offered to let us work their booth
  4. Resolution to execute agreement to purchase KTF, and we authorize board of directors to sign documents, and to ratify all previous actions of the board in accordance with the sale.
    1. Motion to ratify resolution made by Sara Gilbert
      1. seconded by Natalie Brennon
      2. approved by consensus and passed (five voting board members present, Rebecca Andersson abstained from voting due to conflict of interest)
      3. Purchase agreement signed by all five board members
    2. Action:
      1. Rebecca will have the bill of sale notarized
  5. Discussion of Rebecca’s current tasks and who can take them over
    1. Actions:
      1. Sarah will take over bill-paying
      2. Checking account needs to be transferred so the appropriate people have access
      3. Need to put out an ad to hire a new staff member
      4. Jocelyn will contact the payroll company to transfer to the co-op
      5. all employees need to fill out new hire paperwork
      6. Oversight committee will review each payroll report and send it in for processing
      7. KTF Managers will handle contacting vendors to inform of transition to co-op
  6. Resolution to add Annie Bosworth-Foley and Jocelyn Grupp Mueller to the Rivermark Credit Union bank account, and give both check-signing authority, effective immediately
    1. Motion to approve this resolution by Natalie, seconded by Amy, and passed with consensus (6 of 6 present members)
  7. Next Board meeting
    1. November 11th
    2. For the first meeting in December, we have the opportunity to take advantage of low-cost facilitation so the date and time may be adjusted to accommodate this.
  8. Outstanding items:
    1. Permanent Treasurer position has yet to be filled
  9. Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 PM