Date: Wednesday May 4th, 2016

Time: 6:30-9:00 PM

Location: Know Thy Food Cooperative



    Jocelyn Mueller

Jenna VanLooven

Annie Bosworth-Foley

Natalie Bennon

Aliza Tuttle


Called to Order: 6:40 PM



  1. Rebecca has officially resigned from the board as of the end of April
  2. Liz has been nominated by the staff as the staff-appointed board member, so she joins the board effective immediately.
  3. Motion to officially dissolve the Oversight Committee, and pass on hiring & firing authority and check-writing authority to the standing General Manager.
    1. Motion passed by consensus
  4. Motion to make Aliza Tuttle, the existing GM, an authorized signer on our Rivermark Credit Union Business Checking Account of Know Thy Food Cooperative
    1. Motion passed by consensus
  5. Review of proposed financial policies
    1. Natalie moves to accept these policies with the revisions made today
    2. Jocelyn seconds
    3. Approved via consensus
  6. Minutes from April meeting approved by consensus


Next meeting: Wednesday, June 1st