Interested in selling?

We need more producers!

Please join us in making our marketplace abundant with local food flavors!

Our goal is to offer a vibrant marketplace full of local, farm-direct products. We would love to connect with local producers of:

  • fresh organic produce (vegetables, fruits and berries)
  • farm fresh eggs
  • grass fed and pastured meats and dairy products
  • locally grown grains, legumes, nuts and other whole foods
  • artisan baked goods, preserves, jams/jellies, salsa, sauces and other yummy prepared goods
  • locally made home goods and personal care items
  • educational classes and workshops that teach homesteading, gardening and other food related skills

If you live or do business in the Portland, Oregon area and would like to sell local foods and other sustainably produced goods through our online ordering system, please sign up.

Please contact us by email at to discuss the process of direct marketing through Know Thy Food Cooperative. Below is a general overview.


Membership requirement

Only members may buy or sell through our online marketplace. To become a member, you must register and submit a membership payment. We happily waive the fee for sellers who only want to sell through our system and do not plan on ever purchasing items through us.

Online ordering application

Know Thy Food maintains an online catalog where local farmers and producers list the items they have for sale. Know Thy Food receives orders through the online ordering application (which helps aggregate all the individual orders into a single bulk order), provides a centrally located warehouse location for vendors to deliver their products and where members pick up their orders. Know Thy Food also handles the financial transactions by collecting payment and forwarding it to the vendors.

Using our online application, farmers and producers enter the items they have for sale. The online application has an inventory feature that allows vendors to limit the number of items that can be sold so as not to oversell. Vendors upload their own product images and descriptions. Prices are typically based on wholesale pricing, but for small scale producers and other who may not have wholesale price lists, Know Thy Food will works with vendors to determine the fair market value of products in order to foster cooperation rather than competition. Every vendor has their own unique page on the KTF site where they may describe their operation, practices and what distinguishes them.

Weekly order cycle

Every Monday the Order Cycle opens and our members can shop among a wide variety of local offerings on our site. Products are marketed as coming farm-direct, so every farm retains its own identity and unique brand.

The Order Cycle closes every Thursday at 8 pm. Once the Order Cycle is closed, all items in customers’ shopping carts are considered final orders. Vendors log in after 8 pm on Thursday to view their orders and finalize them before Sunday at 8 pm. At this time farmers enter the final weights and pricing of any random weight items they have sold. The online application allows farmers to view their orders and print out reports showing the aggregated amounts required for delivery, and we encourage farmers to familiarize themselves with this feature.

Currently Know Thy Food admins monitor all orders and contact brand new vendors by email to remind them of what they need to harvest and deliver to our warehouse. However, as the Know Thy Food member base grows, it will become necessary for farmers to monitor their orders themselves although we will always be available to provide assistance.

Weekly delivery day

Every Tuesday between 10 am and 3 pm is delivery day. Farmers will have a few days between the time the order cycle closes on Thursday at 8 pm and delivery day to harvest what is needed and prepare it for delivery to our warehouse. Farmers are obligated to deliver market-grade produce and other items that comply with all local, state and federal regulations. Know Thy Food reserves the right to refuse to accept delivery for products that are not what consumers ordered, or which are spoiled or contaminated or otherwise not acceptable. Know Thy Food does not maintain any inventory of goods to be sold– all food delivered to our location must be ear marked for someone.

Deliveries occur between 10 am and 3 pm. Product will be delivered to Know Thy Food in a mutually agreed upon packaging unit, such as a bunch of kale, a 3 lbs bag of apples, a 5 lbs bag of flour or a carton of a dozen eggs. Do not expect us to take delivery of bulk foods (such as flours, grains, loose vegetables or fruits etc) that need to be split and weighed out without prior agreement. Know Thy Food staff will sort and assemble the final individual customer orders.


Know Thy Food pays farmers for their products at the time they are delivered or at another mutually agreed on time, and prefers having Net 30 terms with all vendors. Farmers will only be paid for products delivered that were ordered by customers. Any overage delivered will be accepted on a case by case basis, and only on consignment.

Every farmer is asked to provide Know Thy Food with a written statement of their policies for returns. This policy must be listed on the farmer’s information pages on our website as well.


Farmers are responsible for reading and complying with Know Thy Food’s Terms of Service and Producer Procedures and Standards, and are welcome to make suggestions to make these procedures more efficient and understandable. Since we are in our infancy, we realize there will be some wrinkles to iron out in the beginning and appreciate any input you might have.

The most efficient way for us to communicate is by the internet. While members without internet access will be able to sell through our online marketplace by contacting us for assistance, those with access are encouraged to conduct all business through our website. When you join, you will be assigned a username and password so you can access the members-only pages of our website. You will also be assigned a member number. All members will need to keep track of their member number. Internet users will need to keep track of their username and password.

Tastings, Demos & Farm Dinners

We warmly invite all our vendors to participate in demos and tastings in order to highlight the great tastes of locally grown and processed foods. This will give sellers a chance to meet existing and potential customer base and showcase your foods and products. Please contact us to set up a time to do a demo or tasting of your offerings.