Know Thy Food was born in February 2008 from the need for fairly priced, healthy foods among members of (the now defunct) Portland Green Parenting. We are friends, neighbors and community members who are interested in buying healthy foods at fair prices, supporting sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment. We started out as a small drop point for Azure Standard deliveries hosted in living rooms and kitchens, but quickly grew into a much larger multi-vendor food buying club. Inspired by the successful model developed by the Oklahoma Food Co-op, we are now developing a farm-direct networking project that brings together local farmers, food producers and members who care about the land and share an enjoyment of simple wholesome foods.

Rebecca founded Portland Green Parenting (PGP), a parenting support network with a focus on green parenting and sustainable living, shortly after moving to Portland in 2007. Know Thy Food, a farm direct and bulk food buying club, quickly grew out of PGP in 2008. In 2010, and with a lot of community support, Rebecca established Warehouse Café, which morphed into Warehouse Café & Market in 2012 thanks to a immensely successful Kickstarter campaign. In 2013, Rebecca and other key members set out working on transitioning the business to a cooperatively owned model. Rebecca has a couple of degrees in Cultural Anthropology and an interest in community building and the intertwining of internet technology in people's daily life. Luckily, her partner Dan is a software developer who provides the technical assistance needed to create these websites. They live in an old 1913 Craftsman fixer upper in inner SE Portland with their five children. 

Many, many people, businesses and community organizations have been a part of making the market a reality at The Warehouse.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

Free Geek
Owl's Eye Photography
Art a la Carte PDX
Tallulah's Daddy
Sunjae Lee
Mimosa Studios

Our wonderful Kickstarter backers:

Lisa Wylie
The Barrett Family
Jim Lewinson
Jen Maxwell-Muir
Mid Columbia Gardens
Marisa Cohen
Tom Thornton
Todd Kalhar
square feet farm
Holly Morello
Butch (Lafayette, LA)
Joshua Ouille
The Italian Market
Marlynn Jayme Schotland
Kathy Fors
Chris Musser
Janice Norsworthy-Pestana
Megan Kimmelshue
Joel Dietz
Nicole Murren
Patricia Watters
Crystal Peterson-Ehly
Kimberley Barnett
Patrick and Robin Maloney
Colleen LaMarsh
Pamela Hammer Michno
Julie Livingston
Erin Law
Jessica and Marc Guadagna
B. McCracken
Davinna Artibey
The Rimbey Family
Lynn Foley
Enlighten Your Palate
Kathryn A Himes
Jane Cowan
Nellie Korn
Mazaud Family
Andrew Chang
Becca Cunningham
Tiffany and Shane Ryan
Stephanie Blair
Rafaela Steen and Family
Naomi's Organic Farm Supply
Chloe Ioffe
Robert and Layne Ostrochovsky
Sunjae Lee
James A Hilsenteger
Amy Westom
Mychelle Moritz
Kaylee Cole
McIntosh Family
Caroline Iverson
Ethnes Family
Purveyor of Nonsense
Matt, Christine and Elli Vigeant
Valerie Lyon
Azure and Violet Attoe
Joe and Danielle Graves
Emma Andre, ND – Bambu Clinic
Derek Andre, Bambu Clinic
Celnicker-Chong Family
Fairview Farm Goat Dairy
Jamie Hennessey
Monica Beyer
Judi Berman-Yamada
Dave, Allysun & Annabelle Sokolowski
Mary Brady
Orit Vardi
The Farnz
KC McAuley
Amy Gaines
Shannon Murphy
Alexandra Demetro
Jill Mann
Melinda Conway
Theresa Logan
Amy Gannon
Kelly Lewellyn
Stephanie Wolf – Pokemon Breeder
Brooklyn Neighborhood friend
Angela Zehava
Karis Tressel, ND 
Laurie Buckley
Kate Clemens
Alicyn Mullins
Jim and Judi Rower
Candice Aiston
Sherrie Heit
Gabriela Coons
Ann Andersson
Kimmy Bruehl McKinney
Morgan and Dave Moser
Snow Dowd
Brendon Constans
Acorn Host
Lynn Siprelle and JJ Ark
Missy L
Rebecca Lundin RN
Jill Lynn Brown
Wesolowski Wease Family
Stephanie Gotsch
Kathy Garrett, College Consultant
Bill Stewart
Amanda Hawk
Neighborhood Fan
Marlys and Donald
John Vincent and Lisa Holmes
Karen Lane
Stefanie Walker
Marsha Swallow
The Keen Family
Deb Accuardi
Barbara Hanawalt
Loreen and Bill Hinkle
Harmony and Joseph Spangler
Heather Arndt Anderson
Karen Hudson
Carol Reitz
Peggy Acott
Rachelle ''The Baker/ LaughMaster” Oberson
Joel and Vanessa Michels
Cari Luna, Bill Rubine, and family
Robin Jennings
Lisa Weiner
Wild Place Farm
Heather Hunter
Tamera Barth
Kim Larsen
Laura Rose Lambert
Jill Whitchurch Dixon
Holly Telerant
Barbara Smith
Gene Cho
David Porter
MoonBrine Pickles
Cris Martin
Three Sisters Nixtamal Tortillas
Greg & Jolie Griffin
Brett Bradley and Lorie Clements
Suzanne Lapidus
Cindi Carrell & Jeff Ramsey
Ada L.
Scott McDougall
Kethrin Lases
Jim & Wendy Parker, Heritage Farms Northwest
Skout Natural Foods
Organically Grown Company
Dan Beka Rowan and Theia Brown
Eva's Herbucha
Allison Schweizer
Becca Allison
Heather Stoken
The Thomas Family
Rebecca DePasquale
Sara Posada
Megan Taylor
Versed Legal Nurse Consulting
Chelsea and Will
The Breen Family
Cubbin Family
Casey & Michael Newman
Fleagane Family
Katie & Brendan Soulé
Lisa Nelson
Erin Kenzie
Aileah Dorn
Cooking Up a Story
The Schuberts
Bella Organic Farm
The Bartley Family
Claire Giesige
The Schoolfield Family
Deck Family Farm
Amy Ruiz
Krissy Haglund
Damon Clark
Carrie Crimin
Megi Morishita, MD
Adela Diamant
Catt Rosa
Beth Gordon
Clodine Mallinckrodt & Chris Ortolano
Sydney Rice
Jenny Dempsey Stein
Beth and Robert Rice
Becky Erdman
Becky Rall
Caty & Eliot Head-Skogland
Alan Locklear
Janice Straight
Fawn Lengvenis & Clay Fouts
Michelle Biehl
Leila Wice
Laura Pelofske
The Oskin Family
Jessica Throop
Cindy Hopkins
Natalie & Justin Strom
Yakobi Fisheries
Allison Vazquez
Jocelyn and Guenther Mueller
Sarah Gilbert
Vince Vinnie
Ed and Marilyn Schweizer
Laurel Ackerman
The Gibbon Family
Delorie D.
Jamie Fields
Susan Evans
Guy & Jocelyn Bourgault
Annie Bosworth Foley
Heather Goldberg
Katie Proctor
David Heneghan
Kathleen Holt
Lion Heart Kombucha
Matt & Amy LeBeau
The Ho Family
David & Virginia Reagin
The Wheeler Family
Noon and David
Jen Stenson
Natalie Henry Bennon
Joe Hand
Canterbury Family
The Smith-Haindel Family