Market Manager –  Elizabeth

Liz can be reached at elizabeth (at)

Café Manager –  Hannah

Hannah can be reached at cafe (at)

Member Catalog Manager – Aliza

Aliza grew on her family’s farm in Corvallis, Oregon (specializing in emu meat and scaring her from anything to do with farms and food). After studying and traveling for years, she returned to the University of Oregon in Eugene and helped start the Food Systems Studies program there.

Aliza enjoys connecting farms with consumers and is passionate about economic accessibility and helping to create a sustainable food system. She also loves bike touring, cooking, and playing with her puppy.

Aliza can be reached at aliza (at)

Kitchen Manager – Katrina

Katrina grew up surrounded by almond orchards, dairies, and family farms in California’s central valley. She spent a decade working in food service to put herself through college, and in the meantime taught herself how to get creative in the kitchen on a starving student’s budget. Along the way she discovered her love for cooking and baking, and became known among friends and family for her skills in the kitchen. After receiving her BA in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis on global food culture, she spent six months farming in rural Pennsylvania before moving to Portland. Here she spent a year cooking and managing the garden and kitchen at a Waldorf-inspired preschool where she learned to navigate the complex challenges of cooking for adults as well as children with a broad range of allergies and dietary restrictions, while still putting love and attention into every detail. She then took the position of Kitchen manager at Know Thy Food Cooperative and, in collaboration with Aliza and Hannah, developed a new menu for the cafe which emphasizes quality ingredients and ethical sourcing.

In her free time Katrina enjoys singing, dancing, crafting, getting outside, and sci-fi shows.

Katrina can be reached at kitchen (at)