To serve the needs of the local community by providing healthy, fairly priced, and locally sourced food in a welcoming, friendly setting where friends, families and neighbors can shop and gather.

we believe:

  • in creating and strengthening community
  • in promoting healthy eating and lifestyles
  • in connecting farmers and producers directly to customers
  • in the humane and ethical treatment of animals
  • in respecting the rights of workers across the world
  • in supporting locally and sustainably produced foods
  • in protecting the environment by minimizing our use ofnon-renewable resources, building practices that reduce theirenvironmental impact and working with others who aim to do the same
  • in being responsive to feedback from all stakeholders: workers,members, suppliers, customers and the local community
  • respecting peoples dietary choices
  • that all people have the right to access sustainable and healthy foodand will strive to make the business accessible to people with a lowincome, families and the local community
  • in providing knowledge and education about our food sources
  • in relationship building between local producers and consumers
  • in providing share fair and equitable prices for producers and consumers