We are a community owned co-op offering many benefits to our member owners!

While our café and market are open to the public, only members may order from our online catalog full of farm-direct, organic and local foods as well as an extensive selection of organic whole, bulk foods. Becoming a member-owner allows you to access the catalog weekly to shop and enjoy significant savings over retail.

Regular Membership $150 / Low Income Membership $75
+ $25 admin fee per household

A household is defined as one primary member, his/her spouse or partner, and all their children under the age of 21 living with them. Low income is defined as households receiving EBT (food stamps), unemployment benefits, living below 120% of federal poverty level, or living on a small, limited income such as Social Security benefits.

Current Member Benefits:
  • Access to deep discounts in the online catalog
  • Member appreciation discounts of 10% off at the register on all items bought off the shelf in the retail market during member pick-up times
  • Monthly special buys from many wholesale distributors, such as Azure Standard and Frontier Cooperative, at no added cost to members.
  • Significant case discounts on pre-ordered products from many wholesale distributors, such as Organically Grown Company and direct from farmers.
  • Ownership: Membership is an investment in the cooperative economy, local farms and businesses, and in organic and sustainable agriculture and food production methods.
  • Patronage Refunds: A percentage of store profit distributed back to member-owners in proportion to their patronage in the co-op's retail store.
  • Opportunities to get involved: Our planned volunteer program will offer additional incentives to members who volunteer, such as food credit or deeper discounts.
  • Democracy: Members elect the Board of Directors and vote on important issues. Members are also eligible to run for the Board of Directors.

Please note that your investment is at risk, but is meant to be refundable with Board approval in the future when the co-op has reached a goal of 1,000 member-owners. The $25 admin fee is non-refundable.